Education and fear

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Education and fear

how-to-help-shy-esl-students-overcome-their-fear-of-speakingDoes fear have any role to play in education? Do not write it off. Yes, the moment you are complacent and let your guard down you slip from the ridges. Think about the very first day that you and I joined the school – what did govern our thoughts? Didn’t we want to get back to the loving and caring holds of our mother? Didn’t we detest the foreign infiltrations to our magnetic field? Our magnetic field then consisted of our close family members.

As days passed, we got accustomed to the daily invasions of different categories of people; and the more encroachments happened the more confused we grew. Yes, this confusion resulted in non comprehension. People have always found it very satisfying from then to criticise and loathe our actions for variety of reasons. Our system was and is such that it made and makes us copies. Copies those were and are exact and colourful. These made us doubt our natural abilities to understand and gauge things that are around us. Our individuality started getting affected and we accepted this as normal social set up and continued to treat our children in the same manner. We trained our children to study numbers and answers in a manner that aided none. We sacrificed their individuality as well, at the altar of education with elaborate ease and care. This system is going to continue for the prosperities to come because it would be a sin and suicidal to contradict the existing social norms and dogmas.

Unlike the past traditional educational institutions, the existing educational institutions have a hawk’s eye on business prospects and to everything that is newly introduced. Today the educational institutions have become more like a company where children are tailor made. Children on the other hand become quiet contented or exasperated and disgruntled at the fortunate/ unfortunate things that have happened to them. Fear grips them completely because as a result of years of studies they will have lost their cool and would even shudder to lose or fail.

Haven’t we lost the battle for knowledge? Yes, we have been proven wrong time and again but we do not admit that we are wrong. Parents play a vital role in determining the success and failure of their wards. Did I sound rude? Perhaps, yes, but my contention is that nagging parents have always been impediment to the success stories of children. Education is a triangular war between parent, student and teacher; where a student is always the loser/sufferer. Parents set the tune to which everything else takes shape, the choice of the school, for example is one of the key determining factors that has deep impact on the life of children. Once that is done, a Student is then subjected to lots of turmoil ranging from learning, relearning and unlearning. Parents, when confronted with setbacks, desert the child accusing him/her for the downfall. Teacher on the other hand dives into the scene with scathing criticisms aimed at student as well as the parent which results in mudslinging and once again the sufferer would ultimately be the child.

Cradle to Grave


Fear and love are intricate concepts which are contradictory in nature. People have thrived on love for ages and hence they don’t see a reason in not believing in it. There is always an unknown void in every person that needs to be filled constantly. People call it a desire, pleasure, love, lust etc. and these are some of the many other feelings attached to human beings. Undoubtedly this craving for love exists in man but in varying quantity and quality. This abstract feeling drives man to live his life yearning for it. From cradle to the death bed he yearns for attention and love. A child calls for love and attention by crying where as an older one might ask for it. The stronger you are the greater the possibility of expressing your quest. A man while on death bed does the same, with an exception to ICU culture at the hospitals, he calls for attention. His fragile body, though in agony, does seek love and affection from the dear and near ones. Man, the unique creature on this planet earth, does have other emotions which are different from love and fear.

However, my contention of love and fear are not completely contradictory but complementary. As I said, the nature of love and fear has different degrees of totality because of which people find it harder to understand the nature of human beings. Some seek pleasure instead of the unifying force that we call Love. Others go after his/ her desires which result in wealth creation and satisfaction of his ego. There are others who seek real love, the ultimate love for which we crave; they die either sacrificing their life for love or ending it prematurely. Undoubtedly life, though a cliché’, is a mystery. Therefore such subjective, abstract entities are not understood wholly by anyone.


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Fear Factor

images (2)  People have always found it extremely difficult to tackle fear. It is a tool in the hands of the mighty. The mighty use it to secure their future. Life is always centered around love, lust and life but fear is an undercurrent factor in these. Everything has a link to fear-Fear of the unknown. Though fear in itself isn’t wrong at all, the accumulation of negative vibes would have negative influences on our body. Here are a few tips to overcome your Fear.

1. Know that All Fear

We fear because we believe we are the only person in the whole universe who has this particular fear. We look into ourselves and feel that we are nothing, we have no strength. Then our faces deceive us. People detect a pale, frightened face so quickly and take advantage. In fact, there has not been anyone in the world who has not known fear(exclude the Metaphysical Beings).

2. Feel Happy about each small successes you had !

Being confident of oneself is vital to overcome fear. How can you be confident of yourself? There is no easy way out. Pace forth slowly. Tell to yourself that you have had success and would succeed again,come what may. These ‘whispers’ to ourselves could yield rich benefits.images

3. Draw the drained strength from God , Family , Friends , Films etc

Our source of strength could vary from person to person because for some it could be God, Family, Friends or Films. There could be other sources. what is important is to make yourself feel energized.

4. Face what you fear the Most.

It is always essential that we face our worst fears in order to get rid of its widening web. It is something that will eventually kill ourselves. Picture yourself lying dead without even having fought like tiger? How pity. Am not talking of Ghosts appearing in front of you and pinning you to earth with its little finger. Am talking of the fear that is generated within ourselves. We create our fears. So none but we can destroy it. Our fears that we form in our mind take the shape of different persons and figures; so there is no other way out ; but fight.

images (1)

5. Never say I am vanquished.

It is quite easy to say that I am vanquished because we create the figure of the tormentor so big that we can’t stand it. We believe that this tormentor is omnipotent, we forget that there is only ONE  omnipotent in the Universe who could alter anything within seconds. Trust in the power of that Almighty, Omnipotent Lord and all else would become trivial.

Yoga exercises for losing weight.


Yoga exercises for losing weight.

Yoga is a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline which is practiced over the years as a form of gaining spiritual enlightenment through exercises. It helps an individual to be agile and fit. It has been practiced by sages and hermits in India from time immemorial. Scientists have also found some sound reasoning for believing that in certain cases yoga relieves the doer from maladies. It is therefore suggested that people read and follow yoga exercises for losing weight. Following it in their daily lives would be akin to owning a healthy body. Yoga does also have some exercises that can lessen the weight a person has. The best part of yoga is that it leaves you fresh and very energetic.

  1. Danurasana

This asana is also known as Bow pose. What you have to do is; lie down on the floor with your belly touching the floor. At the start of it you will have to place your hands beside your chest and then take deep breath and lift your legs and thighs up. And then try to catch your legs with your hands and then release it while breathing out. These  yoga exercises  for losing weight must be practiced daily without fail as it reaps rich benefits if done so.

  1. Saundarya asana.

This asana is for regaining your youth. The beauty and liveliness of our body is regained if one does these yoga exercises for losing weights regularly. To do this asana first of all you have to stretch your legs apart. Take deep breath and hold, then touch your left toe with the right hand while the left hand is up. And then use the left hand to touch the right toe of your leg. You can increase the pace of doing so to get better results. Take rests and repeat the same for some time.

  1. Shalabasana

This asana is done lying down but on your belly. Keep your hands below your thighs while lying so. Hold your chin up on the floor. Then lift your left leg up to 10 inches. However you need to keep the legs straight without letting it to bend. After that, try doing the same with your right leg too. Once you have accomplished that you can do the same with your both legs. In the initial stage you must only do this for 5 to 10 times.

Though this exercise is helpful in reducing your weight it does also help in many other things as well. Yoga exercises for losing weight help in curing diabetes and prostate gland problems as well. This helps in toning the whole body, the spine, chest, lungs etc. It does also cure from abdominal troubles concerning kidneys , liver and pancreas.

Yoga is considered as a way of reducing the weight that has been gained over the time. It suggests you various ways of doing exercises that do not hurt one’s body. Some of the Yoga exercises for losing weight increase your metabolic rates and as a result burns out some extra fat within your body. Though these are some of the ways to regain your lost body shape you need to be mindful of your food habit as uncontrolled intake of food would certainly land you in a bad shape. It is always better to understand that prevention is better than cure. There is no point in ruining your good health and then regaining it with lots of things at stake. Life is short-enjoy the life before it runs out.

Yoga exercises for Reducing your flabs

imagesAre you embarrassed at your own belly? Have you got a flab around your belly? Then this article is for you. I would be making much sense to you than anyone else around here. It is true that we all want to present ourselves in the most appealing way to others. None would disagree. However the realization dawns at a very advanced stage ;by then the particular person would have developed much liking towards fatty and junk food. The wider your belly the harder it gets to make it small. You will have to work out in order to regain your previous charming body. Don’t be disheartened as I have for you some of the yoga exercises for abdominal fat that can render the life back to you. Here are some of the exercises that you can do.

  1. 1.       Surya Namaskar

Known as ‘Sun Salutation’. It is a set of 12 powerful yogasanas. It can also be termed to be confluence of these 12 asanas. Surya namaskar is best done in the morning on an empty stomach. Face the sun while doing the asanas for greater benefits of this yoga. Each of this asanas has great impact on your body. It is also important that you take deep breath while you do this yoga as that helps in detoxification. Surya Namaskar is one of the best Yoga exercises for abdominal fat.

  1. 2.       Ardha Chakrasana

To do this posture you need to stand straight with the arms alongside of your body. Then balance the weight of your body on each legs well. Breathe in and extend your arms over the head with the palms facing each other. Breathe out and gently bend backward. Move your chest towards the ceiling. Remember not to bend your hands while doing so. After that hold on for a few seconds and come back up. Breathe out and then you can relax.

Doing this yoga exercises for abdominal fat stimulates the abdominal functions and aids in digestion. The pose does reduce your flab around the waist and thighs. It does also mitigate some of your back pain.

  1. 3.       Cat stretch (Marjariasana)

The name rightfully is drawn from cats! There are many things that our nature can teach us. Yes, we do owe this to our pets. Marjari means cat.

Come on your fours and form a table like figure in such a way that your back is presented as table top and your hands and feet forms the legs of the table. Look straight ahead and inhale, as you inhale raise your chin and push your belly downward/lower your abdominal part downward as in the picture shown. Hold your breath and then as you exhale bend your head down and thrust your trunk up as much as you can. Continue this for 5 to 10 times.

This asana or yoga exercises for abdominal fat helps in bringing flexibility to your spine and tones the abdomen by burning the fats there. It improves digestion and blood circulation.

These are some of the asanas that you can start practicing to gain all round fitness, weight loss and stress relief. Once you start practicing you would be able to find out the joy that it provides you with. Since there are no side effects it is always advisable to follow it regularly. You will never be sorry for having begun it as yoga exercises for abdominal fat would have by then gained you inner peace and tranquility which are direct results of mental as well as physical fitness.